Modern contemporary acrylic painting on board "The Damned” by David Calleja

David Calleja
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Modern contemporary acrylic painting on board titled "The Damned" by David Calleja. A simple yet striking monochromatic colour pallet.
Standing in the sand over looking the bay on a melancholy night. The cold salt air stings as it hits the back of my throat, the silver light shimmering as it hits the water, you hear the soft waves collapsing and dissipating into the sand as it touches my feet. But wait. What's that a half submerged female nude protruding out of the dark, black water, long jet black hair and bluish white opaque skin and dark brown eyes, almost black. Hey, what are you doing out there, I clumsily sheltered while looking around to see if anyone else was nearby to see this. But no, just me and the strange but alluring lady just three foot from me in the black water. She replied in a soft warm voice, like a musical nursery rhyme, yes, you remember! Yes that's right, like when you were a child. She repeats, Come in join me, the water is fine join me like a broken record in my mind. One step then another as her chanting pulls me in deeper and deeper I go until she grabs me and pulls me down deeper into the black void of water. But no wait there's no one there, just me paralysed as the stinging cold water takes over my body and numbs the pain. Floating beneath the numb silent water like a baby in a womb, watching as the last bubbles of life float up into an ever growing void nothingness, darkness encroaches is it time.
This is a modern take on the Greek mythology "Siren" and the diminishing mental health. Of course it is essentially up to you the viewer, as to what you see within the piece. The painting is new and in excellent condition, it is signed with monogram on bottom right corner and is approximately 94 x 125 x 4cm in size.
For peace of mind we also supply a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY signed by the artist for that 100% guarantee of authenticity. 
The painting in frame is approximately 94 x 125 x 4cm in size, 10kg.
Acrylic on masonite board.



I have always had an interest in art and was drawing at a very young age, and pride myself on being a self taught artist. Specialising in portraiture and figurative, but equally adept in still life and landscape, I am very adaptive and versatile to a broad range of styles with a preference to classical, abstract and contemporary as well as materials and processes, including oils, acrylics, screen printing, etching, lino, pencil, pen and pastelI. I have a great passion creating commission pieces for both private and commercial use. I work closely with my clients to ensure that all criteria is met. I actively participate in art exhibitions both local and abroad for which I have won awards. I create pieces both emotive and dramatic, using techniques that I have developed over the course of my career.




2021 SBS Landscape Prize



2020 Moonee Valley Virtual Art Show


2020 Mornington Art Exhibition


2019 SBS Landscape Prize



2015 Rotary Club Of Langwarrin

Winner of best oil/acrylic




2019 Art Edit Magazine



2019 Art Edit Magazine

Best of abstract expressionism


2015 Art Edit Magazine



Artist Statement


My artwork is ever-changing, takes many forms and expresses my views, from social, political, personal experience to colour, light, dark and beauty. Often referencing on the social/political issues, experience and explores the relationships between them, myself and art. Having engaging subjects as diverse as humanity, nature and a broad interest on most things, my work reproduces familiar visual cues, arranging them in my mind projecting and layering them on various materials, processes with each piece. Although usually each piece is different, they are all linked through visual markers or subject matter. The subject matter will determine the form and materials of each work and sometime each work will consist of a range of different mediums. The more I learn and experience the more new areas of interest arise and lead to the next piece of work.

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