About Us

Perhaps it stems from our rich Italian upbringing, but we love sharing stories. We don’t just love

antiques and collectibles for their uniqueness and character – we love them for the tales they’ve

carried with them through generations.


From the tiny hands that played with the old wooden toys right through to the biscuit tins their

grandparents served from, every antique and collectable good we find has a history whether we know

it or not. There’s something beautiful in the ‘or not’ part though, because that means it’s up to our

imagination. There’s a story in every rusted corner, dinted side or scratched box - the happy hands

that handled them; the distances they’ve travelled; and the laughter that has been shared in their



We opened David Calleja Trading so we could continue sharing those stories. We’re proud to have

created a brand that provokes happy memories and positive thoughts through the power of the past.

Part of our passion for this industry stems from the friendships that are created, too. We love nothing

more than hearing the stories and the significance particular items have had in our customer’s lives.

These treasures may have otherwise been lost or abandoned, and we find great joy in rehoming them

with the right person to build new memories.


If there aren’t already enough reasons to love antiques and collectables, let’s throw in another –

sustainability! These products have been made to last generations … and they’ve already proven that

they can do exactly that. These are items to be loved, cherished and even up-cycled – not used once

and thrown out.


Providing exceptional customer service is at the top of our to-do list (beyond sourcing all the items

you’d love to see, of course)! We understand that purchasing antique goods online can come with an

element of scepticism, which is why we do everything to ensure you feel confident and comfortable

with your purchase. We do this by providing very honest product descriptions with high quality

images, delicate packaging, and offering a 30 day free returns period so you can always have peace of



We’re passionate about stocking the antiques, collectables, books, homewares, clothing, vintage

goods and original artworks that you’d love to own … and oh boy, it is hard to part with some of our

beautiful finds sometimes! We’re constantly strolling the aisles of warehouses and browsing online

auctions to build our store. Sometimes you might be looking for something in particular that isn’t

already on our store, in which case we welcome you to get in touch and we’ll do our best to find it for



We’re always up for a chat (in fact, we encourage it!), so if you have any questions, queries, or would

simply like to exchange antique stories, please get in touch with us via our contact page.


Happy shopping!