5 uses for collectible tins you probably never thought of

Posted by David Calleja on 9th Dec 2020

5 uses for collectible tins you probably never thought of

The Tin Man may have been missing a heart, but he certainly had a soul … similar to the wide range of

vintage and collectible tins we stock. Just like the Tin Man, these beauties have travelled miles and

collected many stories along the way. Sure, perhaps they’re a little bit rusty and rough around the

edges, but that’s all part of their charm.

Vintage and collectible tins bring with them a unique personality, and add an element of creativity and

character to a home. It can be easy to get stuck on the idea that they are for display or storage

purposes only, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! These tins are only just beginning their

journey, and they’re ready to settle into the next stage of their life with you.

Here are 5 ways you can use vintage tins that you may never have considered:

1. A magnetic indoor herb garden

With a little bit of magic (also known as potting soil), your vintage tins can serve as a beautiful

home for herbs to prosper. The kitchen can already be a crowded space, especially the window

sills, so attach a magnet to the back of the tin to hang it from the fridge. We love this simple

tutorial by HGTV to bring this to life.


2. Hanging pots

Running out of bench space? Keep the greenery in your home with a splash of vintage tin

charm by turning them into hanging pots. Insert two small holes on either side of the tin to

poke some string through, choose your plant of choice (we love succulents in tins, personally!),

and find the perfect spot to show off your new creation. Simple, yet elegant!