Vintage He-Man Masters Of The Universe 1984 ROAD RIPPER loose complete VGUC

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From the time of its introduction into toy isles in 1982, Mattel’s Masters of the Universe action figure toyline have been very desirable right from the start and with the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon made by Filmation, this muscle-bound toyline quickly became the must have plaything for young boys in the early ’80s.

Now 35 years since their initial debut, the toys have since become highly desired collectibles for nostalgia-charged adults. Toys that were gently played with can command prices ranging in the two figures and ones that are untouched by human hands still factory sealed in their original packaging sell for upwards of hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

The Road Ripper seems to been the brainchild of Mattel designer Roger Sweet and is believed by some infusieses that an earlier working name for the vehicle was the Tri-Trak. Which is described in the December 1982 MOTU Bible, the Tri-Trak was "a three-wheeled motorcycle which He Man uses whenever he needs a fast ground transport. Tri-Trak travels most of the places the Attack Trak goes only much faster. The motorcycle bears two very deadly photon machine guns."  

One of the earlier versions of the vehicle had small fins on the back as well as a much smaller figurehead on the front as well as the front end been much narrower and control handles to hold on to. This early version was coloured red instead of the green we know today.

There was several more concepts that was illustrated until the final toy rolled off the line in 1984, with a rubber seat belt (similar to the ones used on the Attak Trak and Dragon Walker), rather than the clip featured in the concept artwork. The plastic cast is well-executed and detailed, and is accompanied with a number of brightly coloured stickers. It came with a long red ripcord, that, when pulled through the back, set a heavy rubber wheel hidden underneath in motion to propel the vehicle forward.

The Road ripper was sold individually and in a gift set with Battle Armor He-Man and later on a blue version of the Road Ripper was manufactured by Top Toys. The Road Ripper only made two appearances in the Filmation He-Man cartoon, in "The Time Wheel" and "The Energy Beast", as well as a short appearance in the mini comics and a red version in the UK MOTU magazine issue 71 and Ehapa MOTU issue 7. This highly collectible He-Man Accessory is in good vintage condition, loose and complete with ripcord (unsure if this the original as usually red), belt peg which is broken off (common for used Road Rippers) and some decal stickers missing, but is a great entry level as one of the favourites for collectors this is a must have to start collecting.

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