Vintage He-Man Masters Of The Universe 1983 Ram-Man loose & COMPLETE GUC

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From the time of its introduction into toy isles in 1982, Mattel’s Masters of the Universe action figure toy line have been very desirable right from the start and with the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon made by Filmation, this muscle-bound toy line quickly became the must have plaything for young boys in the early ’80s.

Now 35 years since their initial debut, the toys have since become highly desired collectibles for nostalgia-charged adults. Toys that were gently played with can command prices ranging in the two figures and ones that are untouched by human hands still factory sealed in their original packaging sell for upwards of hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

MATTEL, RAM-MAN is a character from the popular 1980s toy line and cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Ram-Man is one of the members of the Heroic Warriors, he's first appears was in the early Mattel mini-comic "He-Man Meets Ram-Man". In the comic be is portrayed as a loner who lives on a stretch of barren land and will attack anyone who crosses his land, which believing their intention is to fight him, and although his past is not delved into it is implied he had retreated to this stretch of land after being continuously victimized by others. After fighting He-Man from crossing his land and quickly been defeted, Ram-Man swears to get revenge. Skeletor takes advantage of this tricking Ram-Man, but fortunately realizing he had been tricked when He-Man came to his aid. Ram-Man befriended He-Man and joins the Heroic Warriors.    

Ram-Man was introduced into the Masters of the Universe second wave of the toy line in 1983. But in the cartoon series by Filmation in 1983, he was depicted as a small, dwarfish figure, which is actually more closer in appearance to his action figure. Ram Man's aggressiveness was toned down for the TV show and is portrayed as a comical character, slow and dim-witted and almost child-like mentality, but strong-hearted and easily likeable. He often appears in the first season but had flesh out his character more in later episodes and continued to appear regularly through out of the cartoon series. This highly collectible figurine is in good vintage condition, loose and 100% complete with weapon, and is a great entry level to start collecting.

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