ROB LIEFELD'S Youngblood Team Leader SHAFT 1997 Blue action figure NEW

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ROB LIEFELD'S Youngblood Team Leader SHAFT action figure

If you’re a fan and love Awesome comics then you're going to love Jeff Terrell team leader Shaft from the comic Youngblood action figures.


An elite FBI operative prior to his selection as leader of Youngblood, Shaft A.K.A. Jeff Terrell, is proficient in a wide variety of fighting techniques, but his mastery is in the area of ballistic weaponry. His weapon of choice is a specialized bow, which uses Katellan antigravity technology to launch a variety of different arrows. His sharp strategic mind and charismatic demeanor make him the perfect leader for the very public super-hero team.


Condition: Old, new stock with shelf wear

Size: 7"

Year: 1997

Colour: Blue


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