Original exquisite watercolour seascape of boats titled The Rowers by J Simpson

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This beautiful and exquisite boats/seascape scene painted in a Realistic style, is painting in watercolour on watercolour paper. This original painting is title “The Rowers”. This is a great painting, well painted and you can see the quality and markmenship of a great artist in this painting.
The painting is set in double white matting and gold wooden frame, behind glass. The watercolour is in excellent condition and the frame is in very good condition with just minor scratches and peeling of the gold application to the wooden frame (please refer to photos). The painting is signed J Simpson on the bottom right corner of the painting as well on the back with title: The Rowers. Fortunately you can just make out the name of the artist and title as it has unfortunately been blacked out. Unfortunately I could not find any information on the artist.
The frame is approximately 52 x 46cm in size.