Original antique colonial Australian oil painting of a tree between c1880-1910

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This exquisite painting between 1880-1910 of a gum tree in oil on canvas and board is painted absolutely beautifully showing a colonial times of Australia. As your eyes roam the painting you tend to pick up small amounts of detail in a wash of burnt brown which is typical for the time it was painted. The painting has been painted in a controlled and precise brush stroke which is also of its time, that gives you that beautiful rich feeling of the Australian bush, light and shadow. The painting has that serene quality and commands your attention in the room which old paintings do.
The artist has captured this scene, rich foliage, sky and atmosphere so well with the precision brush strokes, colour and I love the amount of detail, and feel in the painting. The painting is painted on canvas which has been stuck on the back of a board. I get the the feeling that it is a piece that have been cut out of a much larger painting but really does stand alone as a piece of art work. Unfortunately I could not find any information on this great artist but I'm sure you will agree what talent the artist had.
The painting is signed on the back of the painting in graphite J. Parry as what appears to be M. A. R. 3818, which I'm not sure of the meaning (please refer to photos). Frame is approximately 29.5 x 36.5cm set in a beautiful antique yellow gold wooden frame which the painting has been reframed in this frame at some stage.
The painting is in excellent condition for its age with a little cracking which is normal for the age of the painting and frame is in excellent condition.



Size: 29.5 x 36.5cm


Oil on canvas panel




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