Midnight Oil: The Power And The Passion by Michael Lawrence hardcover music book 2016 NEW

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"MIDNIGHT OIL: THE POWER AND THE PASSION" by Michael Lawrence hardcover music book 2016 published by Melbourne Books in China. Brand New Condition, light shelf wear.

Midnight Oil are one of the most 'Australian' rock bands this country has produced. Born from the Australian pub rock scene that gave us AC/DC, Cold Chisel and INXS, the Oils were able to break out of that scene without compromising themselves in any way. Indeed, their breakthrough overseas record was the most Australian album they made. But it was t just the subject matter that made them fiercely Australian; it was their stubborn independence, and their refusal to play the rock'n'roll game and respect its rules and masters. But more than any of this is the adrenalin rush of an Oils show. Performances so intense that witnesses swore they had seen the greatest Oils gig ever! Such was the belief that something so powerful could surely t take place regularly. When they took this overseas, audiences could often t understand a word they were saying, but musically they recognised a common language: powerful, unadulterated live performances. There is band whose live shows are spoken of with the same awe as the Oils.

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