LOUIS MARX vintage original tinplate toy dial typewriter c1920's EVC

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"LOUIS MARX" vintage original tinplate toy dial typewriter c1920's. Featuring letter/number rotary dial turn and the paper carriage advances when you type the letter or hit the space key. The number/letter rotary dial features the Marx logo in the center. This collectible tin lithograph toy's intention was to introduce children to basic typewriting skills. The typewriter works mechanically as intended or would make a wonderful display and are highly collectible even to this day. MADE IN USA.

Louis Marx founded the MARX toy company in 1919. By 1922, both Louis and his brother David Marx were millionaires. Unlike most companies, Marx's revenues grew during the Great Depression. By the 1950s, Marx was the largest toy manufacturer in the world. Marx ceased its business in 1978.

Approx measurements:
13cm H X 29cm W X 15cm D

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