Large modern abstract acrylic paint of a dog by local Australian artist Penella

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This beautifully and colourful abstract acrylic painting on stretched canvas is a original modern painting of a dog. The artist has exquisitely painted a flurry of collage detail of shapes and colour which draws your eye in for hours to find each time a new shape or colour which is much like a Where's Wally book which is present throughout her works. As for the sense of harmony and feel between the shape, love hearts and colours give the feeling warmth and playful happiness. Penella has portrayed this dog well and you can see her soft spot and love for dogs, and like all of her works, the bright colours would lighten and uplift any home or dog lovers house. The thin pre-stretched (easy to frame) canvas and the white untouched background completes the modern feel everyone is looking for. You get the feeling and sense of Penella in all of her works and as Penella puts it in her biography "when I paint I create my own happiness" but I think it comes from her bubbly, warm, free spirit. The painting is new and is in excellent condition, the canvas is approximately 102 x 77 x 2cm in size and the painting takes up most of the canvas and is much larger than her other pieces. The artwork is signed Penella on the bottom right hand corner of the canvas and is unframed. For peace of mind we also supply a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY signed by the artist for that 100% guarantee of authenticity (please refer to photos).

Condition: New, excellent condition 

Size: 102 x 77 x 2cm

Style: Modern abstract

Mediam: Acrylic

Martial: Canvas

Includes: Certificate of authenticity 


Painting was alway a hobby of mine since I was a child. I used to get so excited waking up on a Saturday morning just so I could watch cartoons and paint them and every family holiday we ventured out on I would never ever leave without a sketch pad in hand. As I grew older, I found myself focusing on the arts, from being a professionally trained classical ballet dancer to a hairdresser and into dog grooming. My love for animals has become an all consuming passion along with my art. My paintings have always been a reflection of my life intermingling both passions: animals and art. Painting has always been my stress release, my relaxation, my own world where there is no wrong. When I paint I create my own happiness; I always look forward to creating my next one.

Please refer to our photos as they form part of the description.