John Lennon 4Ever The Biography by Conrad Small hardcover biography book 1981 GUC

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"JOHN LENNON 4EVER THE BIOGRAPHY" by Conrad Small with special consultant Howard M. Morgan, illustrated by Michael Macias, hardcover biography book 1981, published by Crown Summit Books in America, Out Of Print, Good Used Condition, with dust jacket, wear and tear to dust jacket.

According to one interviewer, John Lennon had said that he was not going to spend his life in hiding. He loved meeting people, so it was natural for him to move through his daily life thronged by admirers without fear. That same lack of fear carried him through a troubled childhood to near mad world in love with the Beatles and their brand of music of which was the centre. He once said that it thrilled him to hear his records on the radio. He never got over the awe of his star studded fame. Born in Liverpool, England, John Lennon grew up with an aunt and uncle who insisted on a middle class education for him. Once he heard Elvis Presley, he bolted college and plunged into playing in his own band. That band, with some changes, became the world's most popular Rock 'n' Roll group, the Beatles. The Beatles were part of the wild 1960s. John Lennon seemed not in the least regretful that the Beatles broke up at the beginning of the 1970s and never came together again. The airwaves went pouring out Beatles music throughout the following decade, plus, that era also heard John sing his own brand of music solo. By the time the Beatles had split, Yoko Ono, John's new wife and creative mentor, introduced him to a whole new vista of sounds and sights. Except for one long spat, John and Yoko were one in spirit. She offered the anchor that had been left on shore in the 1950s. He continued with the flair that made him great. Lennon's death ill fit the pattern of his life of love and hope. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that John Lennon will live on in his music. He will long be a central figure in the minds of millions who grew up on his words and music. For this era, his legacy remains.

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