Exquisite & original oil painting titled "The big discussion" by Oliver Hunter

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This beautifully painted painting is in realistic style, painted oil on board between 1970-1989. The painting is an original painting of a scene of four men having a discussion of some sort, around a table in a dark lit room. The artist has beautifully painted and captured these four men and their surroundings in great and very fine detail. The artist has captured the light and highlights well with only one source of light, the window behind them. This artist has done a great job of making you feel like you're just out the scene (the off sider) just in ear shot listening to the discussion. I love how he has made you feel disconnected yet a part of it as if you're in the same room. You can spend hours pondering what is being discussed and that's one of the things that makes this a great painting.
The timber frame is black with cold highlight and is in very good condition, with just a little bit of wear (please refer to photos). And the painting is in excellent condition. The artwork is signed on the bottom right hand corner of the painting and titled “The big discussion” on the back.
Unfortunately I could not find any information on this artist apart from records of the artist’s work sales at art auctions often. But I'm sure you would agree, what great artistic talent this person has, and for only $129.99 is a great price for a piece of original art work.
The frame is approximately 39.5 x 34.5cm in size.
Please refer to our photos as they form part of the description.