Antique Cadbury chocolate velvet box c1890-1906 Bournville, England VGAC

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Antique "CADBURY" chocolate velvet box c1890-1906 Bournville, England. Featuring turquoise blue velvet covered, faded to a beautiful patina of light green with wear especially along the edges. Lined in matching turquoise silk, colour still bright and vibrant with discolouration on base. Metal carrying handle with metal latch clasp. Sold in high-end stores for gifts and for export. The chocolate selection would be presented inside and when the contents had been eaten, the boxes were designed to be used as glove boxes and handkerchief boxes but could also be used as a trinket box or jewellery box. The box was manufactured at Cadbury's Bournville Factory in Worchester England and exported to Australia. 2 labels stickers on the base read as follows: 1) Cadbury's chocolates, Cadbury's cocoa, Absolute pure" and 2) "Cadbury's Cocoa, Absolute pure, stood the test of time, Cadbury Bros Ltd". Produced between 1890 and 1906, according to official Cadbury Schweppes files, from their 1906 range. Very Good Antique Condition.

Delightfully, comes with an original letter from the packaging manager of Cadbury Schweppes dated mid 1986, addressed to assumedly previous owner in Australia, providing information which has been used in our listing to substantiate its age and origin.


Approx measurements:
28cm W X 20cm D X 6cm H
Weight: 383g

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